NYはハーレム出身のDOO WOPグループTHE KEYNOTESのコンプリケーション・アルバム。
レコード:EX。AAPOLLO LP 5072

A1 I Don't Know
A2 Now I Know (Faster Version)
A3 A Star
A4 Oh Yeah, Hmmm
A5 Zoop Zoop (Darling I Love You)
A6 Surely (Acappella)
A7 Really Wish You Were Here
A8 One Little Kiss
B1 In The Evening
B2 Zup Zup (Ooh You Dance So Nice)
B3 Zenda
B4 Girl In The Chapel (Acappella)
B5 I Don't Know Why (Alt. Take)
B6 Now I Know (Slower Version)
B7 Suddenly
B8 Bye Bye Baby

The Keynotes / In The Evening